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Alycore delivers various patented technical solutions that offer unparalelled results in the world of CUT, PUNCTURE and NEEDLE resistance.


With over twenty years experience primarily with metal mesh, we have since evolved into combining it with several aramid fibers. Our technology funnel the strengths of several materials into a single solution.

Depending on the product, we deliver many configurations of materials constructed in a way that yields smooth interaction where one material enhances the performance of the other. 


Our solutions has a wide range of applicability and can be integrated into a product without 

compromising the integrity of its original design.


On a perennial quest for innovation, we are always looking for new products and areas to which the Alycore solution can be applied.





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A good example of our technology´s performance is the results it yields in gloves regarding cut and needle resistance.


Gloves fitted with the Alycore solution easily achieve the highest level of CUT resistance and an unmatched resistance to hypodermic needles. 


A layer-based technology, there are many configurations befitting the intended areas of use and levels of protection.

For example, a high protection glove with 8 layers of metal mesh covering the palm yields over 5 times the required amount of resistance to achieve the highest CUT LEVEL  in the standard EN ISO13997:1999 test. 


In the ASTM F2878-10 standard test for resistance to hypodermic needle puncture, 8 layers of Alycore mesh yields an unmatched resistance of 12.6 Newtons against a 25 gauge needle. Add to this, the outer layer of a protective glove.


However, controlled environments does not replicate the many challenges of real life scenarios.

We have always been commited to extreme testing of all products fitted with the Alycore solution. 


We invite you to our video section to see Alycore in action.





Cut resistance measured in Newton

EN ISO13997:1999

10 layers Alycore mesh: 102N

ASTM F2878-10

Puncture resistance against 25gauge needle


6 layers Alycore mesh: 14,2N

Metal mesh and gloves

Gloves and their complex dynamics offer the sternest challenge to metal mesh. Not possessing the flexibility as textiles, the mesh can crack if not constructed in a way that interacts correctly with the many challenging movements of a glove. Alycore has spent nearly two decades refining a solution that gives the mesh the durability to outlast the life expectancy of a protective glove. Our patented solution has been tested in many areas. A glove fitted with metal mesh using our solution yields over 1 million flexes without compromising the integrity of the mesh. Our patented solution has also been tested in several field trials in extreme waste management environments.



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